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Welcome to Web Window shopping Wednesday ~say that five times fast :0)

Web Window shopping is all about finding those fashion treasures online. I came across the feature of the day because they liked an picture I posted on my instagram page. ( yup, I check out the pages of those who like my images). I instantly gravitated to the gorgeous Jaguar post earrings on the Live in Fashion website because they make a fashion forward statement while remaining classy. They can easily be matched with a pair of jeans and classic white shirt to add a little flare to traditional weekend look or you can use them to adorn your little black dress when you are out on the town to unleash your inner sexy style.

With a new Spring collection on the way I am sure that you can find something to add to your wardrobe….but I must warn you I will fight you for that clear clutch bag on shown on their instagram page….True story.

With love from me to hue.


Shown above Jaguar Post Earrings Screenshot: By Sophia Styles from the Liveinfashion.com website

Shown above Jaguar Post Earrings
Screenshot: By Sophia Styles from the Liveinfashion.com website





There is no better way to return to True Beauty Tuesday ( #TrueBeautyTuesday) than with the one and only IMAN. A few days ago I noticed the Iman cosmetics instagram page that a wonderful new service is now available for beauties of color.

The Iman Cosmetics beauty APP for iOS users is simply put amazing!….and I don’t even have an iPhone (I am going to try it out on my MAC—if I can). Let me tell you why I love this APP… you see as a woman of color I can’t tell you how many times I have stood in the middle of the store debating what color is going to “work” for me. The idea that I can take a picture and the APP does the work for me just makes my day and you want to know what’s even better? It’s FREE, yup I said free! Another great feature of the APP is that it offers you options that help you achieve other looks. Do you need an everyday look, glamourous evening look, or maybe you want to follow the latest trends? Well, then you are in luck because this APP can help you.

So stop standing in the middle of the store debating which color will look best and whip out your iPhone and take a selfie in the name of beauty.

Check out the two videos below for more information.


With love from me to hue,



Embracing HUE

Today is a celebration of each and every one of you! This Hue & Me Monday I encourage to show the world you are beautiful enough, stylish enough, simply put enough! Project Embrace has created the #IAMENOUGHDAY campaign to challenge the stereotypes of what is considered beautiful hair.


Declaring March 31st as “I AM ENOUGH DAY” the campaign encourages women to ditch the weaves and embrace their natural hair.

I originally came across Project Embrace on instagram and instantly liked the campaign. Two years ago I explored the stereotypes surrounding natural hair in the “corporate world” and the role the media plays  for my graduate school thesis…so naturally, I feel a connection to a project that supports the celebration of diversity.

Per their Facebook Project Embrace plans to encourage the UK government to regulate the of sales of chemical relaxers by placing age restrictions (which I personally love)

To learn more about the mission of Project Embrace visit their website or view their recent interview on Black Visions Television.

The work that Project Embrace is doing is truly a celebration of Hue and me by encouraging each of us to embrace our beauty.

Be sure to join the celebration #IAMENOUGHDAY



Hue & Me Monday: Designed by HUE

For this edition of Hue and Me Monday I would like to welcome you to a new platform the I’ve created to help emerging fashion designers of color, boutique owners, hair, and make-up artist and those who believe in creating or providing services that celebrate the beauty and style of black women (hue)

So if you fall into this category or know someone who does please direct them to the Facebook Fan Page titled “Designed by HUE


With Love from me to hue,


Sporting Your Style

Any true  stylista believes  in sportin’ style that is true to her roots and dare I say probably one of the the best times of her life…Yup, I’m talking about the glory days of college. Every March the madness  known as “March Madness” begins. The basketball tournament that offers Cinderella moments for colleges and universities across the U.S. can offer fashion finds for the chic college co-ed and alums alike.

A quick visit to the local campus bookstore (Check out my school)

Blue 84 Womens Burnout Tee

Screenshot: Barnes & Noble VCU BookStore. 3/21/14- Sophia Styles

or online via NCAA online shop can make your March ever so mode and the beauty of “busting the brackets” is that you can be frugalista or fashionista and still show love to your school with mad style.

Alright fashionable one, go sport your style and join the madness.


Legacy Adjustable Washed Twill Hat

Alums & college students alike can show their school spirit
Screenshot: Barnes & Noble VCU BookStore. 3/21/14- Sophia Styles

Zoom Image

Screenshot: NCAA Championship Store. 3/21/14- Sophia Styles

Dear Black Beauty, I have a message for you…

You might as well be sleeping under a rock if you haven’t heard of Lupita Nyong’o. The recent  Oscar winner has clearly made a name for herself not just because of her talent but also because of her undeniable grace, style, and beauty. I have been a fan of Ms. Nyong’o since I first came across here work, but as a  educated woman of color with a background in fashion and media I must say I tip my hat to this woman for addressing an issue that is still very real….the image of “beauty” The below video is from her speech at the Essence  Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon . I invite you to watch it and be moved…I was….and will continue to be.

With Love from Me to Hue!


Style Chat

In mid-January we started a new featured called Hue & Me Mondays. The first feature when to the the always stylish Lupita Nyong’o. Well I recently was given the opportunity to partner with POPSUGAR and their launch of POPSUGAR forums a platform that allows style bloggers to discuss various style topics and of course I picked Ms.Nyong’o. So if you are like me and love the style of Lupita join me me in the discussion.  Just simply click the#POPSUGARForums  logo below. I look forward to chatting with you.


British Plus Size Fashion Weekend



British Plus Size Fashion Weekend is back this year on the 14th & 15th of February at London’s Vinopolis. The second year promises to offer the sames same glamour and style of the first event with the addition of lead sponsor plus size retailer Evans. The mission of British Plus Size Fashion Weekend is to  Encourage women of all sizes to feel great about fashion which has never been more relevant than now   with several High street retailers finally accepting that they need to support the plus size market including Debenhams who announced they were introducing size 16 manikins into their stores! There will be no less than 4 fashion shows including several top plus size designers:  Evans, Tika Soomak, Dea London, Scarlett & Jo, JANE WATSON, OPhee


  • Shop YOUR shape Marketplace
  • Marketplace – Customer to experience shaping via their body shape with experts in each area that will be able to accommodate and advise customers on clothing styles.
  • Open all day for consumers and buyers to purchase products
  • Laid out like a department store but based on 4 shapes i.e. Pear, Apple, Hourglass and Inverted triangle


  • Instead of having just one show we are offering the consumer various types of shows running throughout the course of the day
  • Retailer Show
 - Indie Designer
  • Plus Size Bridal Show and Lingerie
  • Beach & Swimwear Designer


Hue & Me Mondays

Howdy! The New Year always brings new changes and new things to explore. One of new things that I’m adding to A Stylish Hue is a new feature called Hue & Me Mondays. The mission of A Stylish Hue is to celebrate healthy unique diverse images empowering images of hue A Stylish Hue is a publication for ethnic women of color with a global mind set. Our aim is to do so by celebrating hue (you) your life and style. I have been thinking about how I wanted to start this new feature and it hit me last night like a lighting bolt last night when the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o walked down the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

Screenshot: Taken by Sophia Styles

Screenshot: Taken by Sophia Styles

I could write a long post about her beauty, the gown, her talent…etc, but the goal of Hue & Me Mondays is simple. Showcase the  unique diverse images of women in all walks of life. I think you will understand why I picked Lupita as our first post after viewing her video below.

With Love from ME to HUE,



Screen Shot: By Sophia Styles-via Google images

Screen Shot: By Sophia Styles-via Google images

Pantene Truly Natural -Review

Since becoming a naturalista I have been on the hunt for a great product to tame my mane. I can’t tell you how much money and time I have spent looking for something….anything that will allow me to have that dreamy girl hair that you often see on the commercials . (Yes, I know that it doesn’t really exist). Enter the opportunity to try the  Pantene Truly Natural haircare line. I have seen the ads for the line for sometime and I have to admit I was itching to try it.

One thing that I try to do when I review a product is get a second opinion (without them knowing that I’m doing a story…so I can get there honest thoughts) so that I can have more than one viewpoint to share with you folks because we are all so different. I tried Patene Truly Natural Clarifying Shampoo, Patene Truly Natural Deep Conditioner, and the Patene Truly Natural Defining Curls Custard. The first thing that I noticed was scent although a bit strong for my taste (I personally like a more natural smell) my second opinion loved it.  The shampoo and conditioner both rinsed  out  of the hair  very easy.

The custard really surprised me…most custard type products truly remind me of a think heavy custard, but Patene’s Truly Natural Custard was not. It was very light in texture which is nice.

All in all I think that Patene has a great collection for the naturalista and I (and my second opinion) would recommend it to a friend.

Want to learn more about Pantene and the great products that they offer be sure to take a look at YouTube Channel  or follow them on Facebook



Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pantene through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Pantene Truly Natural, all opinions are my own.”