Web Window Shopping: Comfy Gift ideas for her under $100

Looking for some great holiday get ideas that she will love? Then look no further.  Shop with me to find gifts that are stylish and comfortable.

Looking for a variety of styles, brands, and prices? Then look no further.


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Web Window Shopping: Naturall Club

Yesterday I introduced you all to my new favorite beauty product. Let me tell you that saying this my favorite new product is bit of an understatement. Yesterday I talked about why this product is amazing and for and for today’s Web Window Shopping feature I want to dig a little deeper about the greatness of this product. While I love that this product is a natural one thing I also love that people across the U.S. can purchase this. It may sound odd to say but I do rember a time when if you didn’t live in a major city you couldn’t get great products that help celebrate your natural beauty and no matter where you are you can order the products from Naturall Club online.   Yeah, I know what you are saying ordering online…. Hello it’s 2017 everything is online… Yes, you would be correct, but you can also determine what products will best help your  needs online. Which I must say is rare in the beauty industry. Usually you learn about a product and that’s it, but Naturall club helps you pick what you need with their online quiz.

I can tell you from first hand experience that this quiz helps not hurts. I knew my hair was dry, but the online FREE online quiz that was offered not only made me think about my hair and the current state it was in but the products that I have used before….why hadn’t anyone else asked me these questions I wondered?  No wonder my hair only looked good for a minute and then returned to the fragile state that I had become use to. After a month of use my hair is soft…think baby hair soft without a lot of chemicals and I love that!

Want to learn even more? Stay tuned! Want to take the quiz and try it for yourself?

Click here > Naturall Hair Club

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Style Sunday: Product of the week

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Everyone once in a while you come across a products that just blows your mind (in a good way). A product that is so amazing that you have to not only tell the world about it but you want them to experience it in all of the glory that it can give. Well, that recently happened to me. I am excited about this product beyond words. It has taken a while for me to come to grips with how wonderful this product is. I have been pondering the last week or so if I am in a dream because in all of my years I have never found a product provide such amazing results. This product has truly been a blessing and it will be my first every products of the week.

What to learn more about this amazing product? Stay tuned this week as I announce this product and share why you need to order this as the perfect holiday gift for the beauty lover in your life.

On Tuesday you will get a double shot of this product.

Be sure to come back on Tuesday and visit our sister site Loving Hue & Your Style to learn more.

Here’s a hint: It is a hair product.

Holiday Shopping feature-Small Business Saturday

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The holidays are coming and you can’t stop them… but why would you want to?

A Stylish Hue wants to offer  businesses a gift. If you are an Small Business and would like to share your out of this world Small Business Saturday deals with our readers just complete the form below…It’s really that easy.


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Holiday Shopping-Thanksgiving Weekend


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The holidays are coming and you can’t stop them… but why would you want to?

A Stylish Hue wants to offer  businesses a gift. If you are an store front/online retailer and would like to share your Day after Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving weekend sales with our readers just complete the form below…It’s really that easy.

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June 2017-POPSUGAR Must- Have Box

I love how the POPSUGAR must-have box never ever lets me down. I am mean seriously. I know that I talk about it a lot, but it’s true. There is nothing in the world like getting that pink box in the mail. It’s so special that when it arrives my mail person finally asked me what it was because I always get so happy when I see it. And let me tell you the June 2017 box did not disappoint.

This box should have been nicknamed “Ready for Summer” in 3…2.1!  After opening the box the first thing that I thought about was heading to the beach!  Why you ask? From the palm tree inspired pouches to a good book for setting under an umbrella while getting some Vitamin D (with proper sunscreen of course). To a chilled Starbucks Frappuccio drink and a stash of mini cookies. This box has me wanted to pack my bags and head for the beach. Check out all the items below.

If you like what you see you can get your very own box each month delivered to you door. Just use the special promotion code below.

POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try. Get your yours by using the code below.

Include the code SHOP5 (which never expires) to allow your readers $5 off their FIRST Must Have Box!

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ALOHA Collection Mid-Size Ocean Coco Palms Pouch

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo A Novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid

NCLA So Rich — Mermaid Tears

Billabong Aloha Forever Trucker Hat

Meri Meri Blue and White Party Straws

Belgian Boys ® Mini Cookie Stash

Starbucks® Frappuccino® Chilled Coffee Drink


Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Welcome to the official start of Summer in the U.S. To my readers outside of the United States Memorial Day is a day to remember all this that have served this country and sadly those that have lost their lives in defense of the U.S.  As a woman from a military family (with many friends that have served as well) I have great respect not all for the men and women that have given their lives, but to the families of the service people that support their family members. I’m sure that you will see your social media feeds overload with post about the day. Some will have the traditional cook-out, day at the beach, shopping, or simple peaceful day at home I encourage you not to forget what the day truly means. As a fashion/media/diversity gal I know that it maybe easy to start the Summer with changing your wardrobe, but I promise you we will have enough time for that because the Summer is just getting started.

Summer 2017

The official start of Summer 2017 is just around the corner. Summer is one of my favorite seasons and I love Summer Style. So much so I have planned some great giveaways for those lazy Summer days and endless Summer nights. Stay tuned.


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