The First Post

The first post is always the hardest so here goes. I have been thinking really long and hard how I wanted to start of this blog website so I referred to my reasoning for starting this site. In doing academic research on black women and natural hair I began to question why it was so hard to find a site, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that showcased diverse style and beauty of women of color at work. Now I’m not saying that it does not exist I’m just saying that after hours, days, weeks, months of googling just about every combination that I could think of I found nothing that fit the requirements of what I was looking for, again let me say that I found some wonderful and I do mean wonderful personal blogs of some stylish folks which I hope to share here with you as this site progresses. After completing my academic research my desire to become an entrepreneur was at an all time high and one of the service that my company would provide would be that of style for women of color and then a light bulb went off! This blog website and my business would be a great complement to one another so ready or not here we go.