Web Window Shopping: lovebychari

Who doesn’t like window-shopping?Isn’t there something exciting about finding that perfect item as you are just strolling through life? Well that is the purpose of a new series of post for my blog….but with a unique twist. Have you ever surfed in styled? You know…shopping online of course! Well I like to call it web window shopping and for my first installment I wanted to highlight a new little find that I stumbled across while on a social media site….it doesn’t get more web window shopping than that!

As a style blogger you get to see a lot of websites and budding designers. The moment that I clicked on to Love by Chari’s site I had that window-shopping moment of bliss… you know the one where you start mentally going through your closet in your mind thinking you know that you own something that goes with the delightful item you just viewed and even if you don’t you are going to buy the item anyway because…well it’s that stylish.

So what stopped me during my web shopping experience?

These leopard post earrings of course.

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 5.28.14 PM

(Photo: Screenshot by S.Minor from lovebychari website)

Why you ask? Well, because they would go wonderful with my leopard heels and the size gives them just enough “pop” without being overpowering.I immediately added Love by Chari to my list of web window-shopping items.

After communicating online I learned how unique my web window-shopping experience had been. Charity who is the designer of several delightful gems is working on a degree in the healthcare industry, and that these creations are sparked by her desire to find the perfect pair of earrings that offered more flair than the flower shaped and pearl stud earrings that she came across that were nice, but not really her cup of tea. Unable to find what she was looking for she created her own line that includes an array of items that she features in her online boutique. And what I love even more about this line is that it offers fashionistas the chance to be a designer’s original with custom made earrings. If that isn’t fashion forward then I don’t know what it.


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