Web Window Shopping: Adriano Diamante

Normally when you go window-shopping you see a few little things in the window that catch your eye and you are then drawn in and find yourself browsing around in the hopes that you may find a few more cute items, and eventually you are back gazing at the one or two things that originally grabbed your attention. However there are always expectations and that is what happened when I went stumbled across Adriano Diamante during my latest web window-shopping excursion.







Screenshot: S.Minor 3/26/2013 adrianodiamante.com

As I browsed the website I found myself saying Oh My Goodness! I need this no wait I need that. Heck, I even found myself hovering in the bridal section and well… I don’t have any wedding plans. When I thought it couldn’t get any better I came across the handbags. All I will say is #iaminlove.






Screenshot: S.Minor 3/26/2013 adrianodiamante.com

Surfing the site I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t pick a favorite and I sound like parent talking to their children when I say “I love you all” It’s good that I wasn’t in a traditional brick and mortar boutique because I’m pretty sure that I would have had that glassed over deer in the highlights look on my face pressed against the glass drooling.


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