Lovin’ the Spirit of a #BabyGirl


I love the concept of using fashion for good….you know making your voice count. Showcasing the spirit and substance of style instead of just using your voice to talk about how much you paid for “X” label or making someone feel not worthy because  they can’t or choose not to buy into the hype around the latest trend. A few months ago I shared a story about two young women who were on a mission to help other young women who are in need get a dress for prom. Since that time I’ve thought about the ways people use fashion for good and have drawn the conclusion that they need to be showcased. The result is a new blog series that I created for my website called the spirit of style and a few weeks ago I found my inspiration for my newest post when I stumbled across the Baby Girl collection by actor Shemar Moore. Criminal Minds fans know the term “Baby Girl” as it is often used throughout the show when Moore who plays FBI agent Derek Morgan refers to Penelope Garcia played by Kirsten Vangsness.

Screenshot: A Stylish Hue shemarmoore.com 4/20/13

Screenshot: A Stylish Hue
shemarmoore.com 4/20/13

I knew without reservation knew I was going to buy something after I learned that a portion of the proceeds from collection will go to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis (MS) which Moore’s mother has. I have to admit as a woman who holds a bachelor’s degree in fashion that also has a parent with an illness I’ve been saying to myself…DUH!!!…why didn’t I think of that?!?! Create a collection that raises awareness of a serious issue because I must confess that  I now view  health, life, and advocacy in a different way since life changed for this parent.

Screenshot: A Stylish Hue  from shemarmoore.com 4/20/13

Screenshot: A Stylish Hue
from shemarmoore.com 4/20/13

I purchased the black cap with red writing. The cap arrived ahead of the scheduled arrival date and I was blown away by the great stitching detail of the logo. The true test was to see if my shoulder length natural curly hair would fit under the cap since I often wear my hair pulled back when working behind the scenes in media. I am happy to say that the hat fit link a gem.

Roughly a week ago Moore posted on one of his social media pages that there is a possibility that new colors could be offered within the collection and my eye immediately gravitated to my favorite color.….now I can admit that I am probably the only woman in a America who would rock a black cap with orange writing….but this comes from a girl who believes in celebrating uniqueness.

Screeshot : A Stylish Hue instagram-Shemar Moore 4/20/13

Screeshot : A Stylish Hue instagram-Shemar Moore 4/20/13


In a world where it seems that just about every celebrity or athlete has some sort of fashion brand or label. I applaud Mr. Moore for using his voice to raise awareness for a good cause.


4 thoughts on “Lovin’ the Spirit of a #BabyGirl

  1. Oh I LOVE the turquoise one…that is one of my favorite colors. I, too, love when people create things and buy things that actually serves a purpose and spread awareness to a specific issue. Thanks for linking up!

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