How to: Work it Naturally & dispel the myth that natural hair is not professional.

My graduate school thesis last year was entitled The Ethnic Style Project: ™ Culture, Corporate, and Chic, which explored Black women in America who choose to wear natural hair in corporate America. It was the final push that I needed to start my blog and educate the world of the need to celebrate Healthy Unique Empowering images of women. (HUE). Just a few months later Essence magazine shared results from a poll they conducted on  natural hair and career outcomes.

The Real Life  Black Hair Exhibit a few days ago ignited a conversation again in America about natural hair, so I thought it was only natural that my first #WorkitWednesday post would be a “How to” tutorial about your crown and glory. As a style blogger it’s also a great way to share with other bloggers who have different areas of speciality so I decided to share this post on the Independent Fashion Bloggers site in their bloggers series for project 99

Below is a quick tutorial that I found on Youtube that shows you how to create  a stylish bun that great for the office.


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