Sock it to me!

When I started making weekly post about fitness and fashion my goal was to educate you on stylish options that would allow you to have a fashionably fit lifestyle. My own workout this morning is the inspiration for this post. As I laced up my shoes I thought about basic pieces in fashion….you know the little black dress, a crisp  white shirt, a nice blazer, etc. and then I thought about those funky pieces you know like a great statement necklace, a funky handbag, or wild pair of socks? Which leads me to the fashionably fit post of the week. Socks.

There are several different types of socks and we will touch on that later but for now let’s have some fun! I purchased a beautiful rainbow bright pair of socks last week as a pick me up when I wasn’t in the mood to work out and these funky free-spirited socks really perked me up. No special brand or designer name… just having some fun with fashion.

Photo: Sophia Styles 2013

Photo: Sophia Styles 2013

My interest for spunky socks kicked into over drive as the day has gone along and I came across the Go for a Run website. Along with some other neat accessories on their website I stumbled across the Yakety Yack socks. You can unleash your inner diva-ish fashionista with some wonderful socks. I mean  how fun are these “Diva” socks?  You now have one less excuse to exercise so here’s to  #fashionably #fit #Friday and don’t forget to make it #FUN!

Gang, we’ve just cracked the surface on this topic so stay tuned!


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