Style that is above the Barre

While researching topics for my post this week for Fashionably Fit Friday I saw a post on my Facebook from someone I know who was talking about her barre class and I instantly remembered a spot on a T.V. this past Spring that I worked out that talked about Barre fitness. Now there are several people and organizations promoting some form of Barre, but after viewing some of the videos my first thought was how can you do this with traditional sneakers….well the answer is that its very hard if not nearly impossible.  Which sent me on an internet search for of “barre footwear and/or shoes” and well I didn’t find anything that grabbed my attention like the collection from Nike. Talk about raising the bar! Pun intended…because they’ve earned it in my opinion.

The ever present swoosh promotes a lightweight flexibility that offers a fitness pro the feeling of being footloose and fancy free while performing fitness activities such as yoga, dance, or barre with customized support and protection. And as an added benefit each studio wrap pack includes a mesh garment bag. Available in four unique styles you are sure to find something that fits your fashionable fitness flavor.

Photo:Screenshot by Sophia Styles 7/12/13

Photo:Screenshot by Sophia Styles 7/12/13

Photo:Screenshot by Sophia Styles 7/12/13

Photo:Screenshot by Sophia Styles 7/12/13

With this collection Nike really does offer style that is above the bar because I have never taken a Barre class, but now I feel the need to and I can get some really fashionable footwear too!

Disclaimer: Please consult a doctor before beginning any fitness program and seek out the knowledge of a trained fitness professional before attempting any strenuous activity.


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