True Colors

True beauty Tuesday is all about celebrating you, your beauty, and the things that truly embrace every unique part of hue. What better way to do it than unleashing your true colors.

I was beyond excited when I read the IFB Project #105: What’s Your Signature Color and couldn’t pass it up.

To me nothing says “Hello World” like rocking you favorite color….or as I like to phrase it “My Trademark Color” If you haven’t picked up on it by the color selection of my blog my ….I’ll have to confess…it’s orange! In every shade for every season… simply orange.

My favorite orange look is a  soft beautifully sheer sequined top that I purchased from a boutique called B. Moss that is sadly no longer in business.toya_orange_headshopt

From my glasses to my car….you guessed it….Orange. While some girls feel “Pretty in Pink” I often think of my grandmother who embraced my love for the color orange… she would tell me every time she saw a beautiful garment in orange and she would say “…orange you beautiful”


3 thoughts on “True Colors

  1. Love it. Most people don’t actually realize they have a “Trademark Color” until people keep telling them. That was me. I didn’t realize it until people kept telling me that blue was my color. I wear it all the time just didn’t realize it until a lot of people pointed it out.

  2. 🙂 Shanti. I started “owning” my trademark color about 10 years ago, like you people kept telling me you sure do where that color a lot…and my response would be “Yup! it’s my trademark color” LOL!

    Thanks for the comment!

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