Building Confidence with (you) Hue in Mind

“Breaking Barriers and Building Confidence” is the tag-line for The #DarkSkinRedLip Project created by The For Brown Girls organization an organization that celebrates he beauty of dark skin while combatting colorism and promoting self love! (I LOVE THIS!!)

Photo:ScreenShot-For Brown Girls website-Sophia Styles 10/15/13

Photo:ScreenShot-For Brown Girls website-Sophia Styles 10/15/13

Programs like this remind daily why I feel so called to my style blogging niche. I have had the pleasure of have seeing many beautiful and talented women, but I also understand that many have not had that same privilege to see the colors of the world in a positive way that celebrates diversity. A while back I did a blog post where I reflected on my journey since starting this blog. As a former semi-retired pageant girl (yes, I’m coming out of retirement…stay tuned) I have always promoted diverse images of women in style and beauty. I have also faced my share of stereotypes of what “beauty” is.

I personally love this project. When I was old enough to wear cosmetics the first color I went for was RED (true story). So, it goes without saying that I support this project 110 percent plus! As of October 15, 2013 The #DarkSkinRedLip Project was half way to their goal of 1,000 photos…. to show my support for the project I am adding a rare selfie…well kind of….  I am a proud to say that I have deep dark mocha skin and I am rocking my red lips (smile)

Why don’t you join me?

Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram with your photos after you have sent your picture to The DarkSkinRedLip project and share your thoughts.  The information to submit your photo is below or you can visit their website.

  • Send your photos to

    • It should just be you in the photo
    • Photo must be clear
    • Include your first name & state
    • Include brand & shade of your red lipstick
    • No Collages Please

Happy #TrueBeautyTuesday…. With Love from me to you,


"Selfie" Sophia Styles 10/15/13

“Selfie” Sophia Styles 10/15/13

Sophia Styles VA (by way of MD)

Shade: Ravishing

Brand: Red Apple Lipstick (*gifted)


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