True Beauty -Web Window Shopping: Iwilla Remedy

What happens when True Beauty Tuesday and Web Window Shopping Wednesday meet? Well a whole new feature of course…True beauty Window Shopping. A new two part feature for products that are so outstanding that they deserve to be featured twice.

I had planned to make this post yesterday for True Beauty Tuesday and then I thought about the wonderful products that I had the pleasure of reviewing and instantly thought these products could also be featured on Web Window Shopping Wednesday. In the ever changing internet based world we now do more shopping online than ever before and these a some great product that you may not find on your local shelves, but they are products that you need to know about.

Let’s be honest it can be difficult to purchase beauty products online for obvious reasons….you can’t feel the texture or connect with the scent. That’s why I am excited to introduce you to the Brooklyn, NY based Iwilla Remedy. The company was gracious enough to send me several products to review and I couldn’t be happier

Today’s Web Window Shopping Wednesday shopping feature is the Baby Powder scented I Love My Armpits™ deodorant.

 I Love My Armpits Full Size Deodorants » Baby Powder (Screenshot by Sophia Styles from Iwilla Remedy

I Love My Armpits Full Size Deodorants » Baby Powder
(Screenshot by Sophia Styles) from Iwilla Remedy

While opening this product I had that OMG! moment…you know when stumble across a product that offers a scent of sheer bliss.What makes this product even more amazing to me is that this product (along with of of the Iwilla Remedy products) are created with wellness in mind. Since going gluten-free almost four years ago I have a had a hard time finding products that are g-free so  I am always excited to find beauty products that consider the allergy needs of consumers.  I have been reviewing the these products two weeks now, and I am excited that the ladies of Iwilla Remedy reached out to me because I love this Armpits and this product (pun intended)

Do you want to learn more about the other great products I had the chance to review from Iwilla Remedy, the item I picked as my must have item, and reactions from my testing team? Then be sure to join me here on Tuesday for #TrueBeautyTuesday part two feature.



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