Thriving Thursday


In a recent chat with my Mom about  being black in America we explored various topics, but one that she and I keep coming back to is historically black colleges and universities. Actually the convo has been building for a while. I made the choice a few months ago to explore the idea of working on a second degree at an HBCU. Truth be told in my teens I was looking at black colleges. I was accepted to one and finally decided on a non-HBCU (but very diverse university), but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that something was/is waiting for me at an HBCU so after finishing a graduate degree a few years ago I began my journey to find a HBCU for additional graduate study.

Having worked in higher education administration for a few years I learned many things and I am passionate about helping students find their “fit”. Some people think that a historically black college can’t offer a good education and I beg to defer so I am going to explore, share, and do my part to promote the great things that the colleges and university do. I invite you to join me on the journey…starting today.




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