Black Lives Matter


One of my goals in rebooting this blog was to explore more lifestyle topics in addition to fashion and beauty as it relates to black women. So I have to address what’s going on in the world. As a black woman the last few days have been hard for me. It never get easier when you see a black man gunned down. NEVER…..and it shouldn’t. Those black lives (as all of them) mean something. Yet again families are missing a spirit that is gone way to soon. No family should have to feel this ever. I have spent the last few days thinking about how one person can create change. Yes, the world if full of racist evil people, but I will not let them  still my joy, shine, or my life. The last few days I have wondered how my grandmothers and mother lived in a time when this type of hatred  legal was common place and lived to tell about. Creating change happens on many levels with a many different people working towards a common goal. It will not be easy, because the struggle is real. I will continue to pray, work, give, celebrate, educate, vote and uplift, etc. because Black Lives Matter! Each and every one of them.

You can’t say that All Lives Matter until my Black Life Matters too!

with love from me to HUE,



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