Web Window Shopping: Naturall Club

Yesterday I introduced you all to my new favorite beauty product. Let me tell you that saying this my favorite new product is bit of an understatement. Yesterday I talked about why this product is amazing and for and for today’s Web Window Shopping feature I want to dig a little deeper about the greatness of this product. While I love that this product is a natural one thing I also love that people across the U.S. can purchase this. It may sound odd to say but I do rember a time when if you didn’t live in a major city you couldn’t get great products that help celebrate your natural beauty and no matter where you are you can order the products from Naturall Club online.   Yeah, I know what you are saying ordering online…. Hello it’s 2017 everything is online… Yes, you would be correct, but you can also determine what products will best help your  needs online. Which I must say is rare in the beauty industry. Usually you learn about a product and that’s it, but Naturall club helps you pick what you need with their online quiz.

I can tell you from first hand experience that this quiz helps not hurts. I knew my hair was dry, but the online FREE online quiz that was offered not only made me think about my hair and the current state it was in but the products that I have used before….why hadn’t anyone else asked me these questions I wondered?  No wonder my hair only looked good for a minute and then returned to the fragile state that I had become use to. After a month of use my hair is soft…think baby hair soft without a lot of chemicals and I love that!

Want to learn even more? Stay tuned! Want to take the quiz and try it for yourself?

Click here > Naturall Hair Club

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