Gluten-Free Hue

My name is Sophia and I am a gluten-free hue! I went gluten-free July 4, 2010 (really) my own special Independence Day.  

Being a southern woman of color who is gluten free has provided some unique challenges to say the least, but I would not change a thing! It is not a fad diet it is a lifestyle that embrace 110 % +. it has been a unique journey and I have learned a lot about food and fitness.  My cosmetics, food, and life in general are all “G-Free”. My goal is to dispel the myth that a G-Free lifestyle is weird or painful….cause it’s not.

I have decided to share my journey in the efforts to help others from fashionable beauty tips (hair & make-up) to dining. I will making post here on this blog as well as other media outlets that I contribute to. My hope is that you gain a little insight into the world of gluten-free living.

With love from me to hue,


* Please consult a doctor before making  health related changes to your life, lifestyle, or health habits.


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