Working Wednesday : Guest Blogger Claire Hastings

Image is everything

Clothes may not make the man, but a lady’s attire is a key element that makes first impressions in the business arena. Various studies have shown that multiple aspects of physical appearance (from build, height, and weight to shape, grooming, facial features, general attractiveness and choice of clothes) can make – as well as break – a businessperson’s chance at success.

Images: Pintrest

Images: Pinterest

But while the correlation between looks and career success is pretty straightforward for men, the climb up the corporate ladder can get a bit trickier if you’re a lady who’s not afraid to rock her natural beauty while pursuing professional achievement.

Dress to Impress

Beauty might not be skin-deep, but a survey carried out by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) showed that a candidate’s appearance at the job interview can lose them an opportunity   to impress their future employer by real-life performance in a blink.  Just less than six months ago the 11th circuit court of appeals dismissed a lawsuit against a company that refused to hire her because of her locs. 

According to the study, a candidate’s grooming and attire are prime eyebrow raisers for job interviewers, but body art such as tattoos and piercings aren’t far behind either. Though not as vital as grooming, choice of clothes, body alterations, hair color and hairstyle ranked high on the list of physical attributes that affected employers’ impressions.

Image: covunicareers/Vogue Pinteres

Image: covunicareers/Vogue Pinterest

The study findings are clear: your employer-to-be may not judge a book by its cover, but they will certainly judge your interview look and use it as a criterion in job candidate evaluation. So what is your take? We want to hear from you. Have you felt the need to change your look to earn your “dream job”

As you make your way in the work wold it maybe hard to dress the part while staying true to yourself so below you will find some job interview outfit inspirations:

images: blackfashion/ebags Pintrest

blackfashion/ebags Pintrest



Be sure to check part two of Claire’s series next Wednesday.

Claire is a regular contributor for Ripped online magazine. You can also follow Claire on Twitter.




Web Window Shopping: The Empire Inspired Collection at Torrid

Let me just tell you that I am madly in love with the The Empire Inspired Collection at Torrid



screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-3-32-07-pmWhen I stumbled upon the collection I was so happy to see that a company celebrating curvy women with all the glam and style they deserve. Empire has to be one of the most talked about shows on television since its Fall 2016 return and for good cause.  Even if you don’t watch the show (which will probably baffle many) the inner fashionista in you will find it hard to deny picking up a piece or two….let’s be real…it will be hard not to shop the  entire collection. This  inspired collection truly embraces the leading ladies of the show and their power. Kudos Torrid job well done!

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I am happy to welcome Hue back!


Welcome Back to A Stylish Hue!

Welcome Back to A Stylish Hue!

I am happy to welcome you back to A Stylish Hue! It has been a while, but for all things to grow one must reflect and redefine. Over the last few months I have been planning some really neat things for this blog (at least I think so). In the near future you will see more lifestyle post created with hue in mind. I also have a great little surprise planned for my fashionistas. Are you ready? Let’s get started in 3…2….1…GO!

More post for HUE!

I am back after taking a small break from blogging. Over the last few months I’ve had A LOT going on (in a good way) that I feel will help me grow this blog in ways that I couldn’t imagined just a few years ago. Yes, I have been  M.I.A. in blogging land, but I have been front and center in the world of social media. My time in the social media universe has opened the flood gates in regards to growing my media voice. I have always wanted this blog to be a celebration of  black women, their style, beauty, and life. In the last few months so many things have happened in world in the black community that reminds me that we still need diversity in training in the world and more now than ever I feel that as a black woman I need to be apart of a movement that showcases positive images of black women. So I will be adding to this blog in great ways.  Mondays with now focus on the image of black women in the media. You may ask why?….uummm because people still think that it is okay to talk about a black woman’s hair

Zendaya at 2015 Oscars Red Carpet

Zendaya at 2015 Oscars Red Carpet

as if she is less than a human….No it wasn’t funny (not even a little bit)- I am a naturalista, and I have never ever come close to using weed….not cool to suggest such things. Also, while while watching the red carpet during award season I saw very few women on color. I mean come on…how many television networks do we have? And no station can find a woman of color with a fashion degree and media experience?  But it is more than fashion or red carpets. Let’s talk about other forms of media….film, television, print, and other forms of media. Why aren’t we seeing more women (and men) of color? I maybe only person but, I will use my voice and this platform to share what main stream media is not. I will speak out, speak up, and speak of positive things that black women are doing.SpeakOut-logo2-darker

….and don’t even get me started on the Oklahoma University issue because I can go on and on about that…so I have something too.


There are many other issues that I will address in later blog post but for now I will be adding a media and educational/lifestyle to this blog in addition to the True Beauty Tuesday, Web Window Shopping post.


With love from me to Hue,




Make your list & check Instagram twice

It’s the last shopping Saturday before Christmas and while some of you may be all done with your holiday shopping some have yet to get started. Before you fight the mall traffic check your list and check instagram twice. Several small business have an are on istagram. One  of added benefits of shopping with a small business is the service. While it’s getting down to the wire for shipping items some companies maybe offering special deal for purchasing with them. One huge difference is the attention to detail and communication that you will get when dealing with a small business. So make your your holiday shopping list and check it twice you maybe able to miss the long lines.

Below is a list of small business IGers that we featured on instagram on Black Friday…and hey if can’t get want you want before Christmas you can always buys something great for yourself to start of the New Year!
























Model Hue Monday

Last year International supermodels Iman and Naomi Campbell called for an end to racism on the runway.

Book: I AM IMAN By photographer Annie Leibovitz "Iman's Tribe of Beauties" Styled all by @kithebrewster shown for @vanityfair

Book: I AM IMAN By photographer Annie Leibovitz “Iman’s Tribe of Beauties” Styled all by @kithebrewster shown for @vanityfair –Photo: @the_real_iman instagram

And while the number of diverse models increased on the runway slightly fashion week this year the industry still has a long way to go.

The lack of diversity has lead me to ponder how could we as a society change this? As a fashion merchandising graduate who holds an advance degree in media I’ve wondered if the industry wants to change on its own? Or if we as consumers of both fashion and media have to be the agents of change? Where and how to we start?  I believe that it starts with us….so

For the entire month of December will are giving the gift of Model Beauty! If you are an aspiring black model or a recently signed model (less than one year under contract with an agency) you are eligible to submit your photo for a chance to be featured on #MODELHUEMONDAY on my instagram. This goal is to extend the mission from A Stylish Hue to celebrate hue, life, and style.

I want aspiring black models to know that you are celebrated for your beauty, your hair, and your body.

If you need help determining what types of photos we are looking for please check out our instagram.

To submit your photo please follow the guidelines below.

Entry info:

No Nude photos will be accepted

All entrants must be 18 years old

Be sure to tag your Make-up artist, photographer, and stylist

Disclaimer: Submission of photos do not guarantee feature nor does it guarantee contract from a third party agency. Photos are property of owners.


Shopping with you HUE this holiday season.

Are you a black business owner looking to share your business with the public this holiday season? If so, we would love to share your holiday sales and promotion for free. Yes, for free!!

Promote your business on our holiday shopping list.

Promote your business on our holiday shopping list.

We will be selecting  ten (10) U.S. black style or beauty  business owners to be featured in a blog post prior to Black Friday. To take part in the post you must follow the instructions below. The deadline is Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014. Don’t worry if you don’t make the first list we will also be offering additional  post during the holiday season.

Must follow on the follow us on the social media pages below (just click the links to be directed to the pages):

Complete the contact form by clicking here and leave the following information (please see the formation and example below)

Your Company Name, Location, & website

1 Social Media handle

Black Friday Sale


Ms. Sophia Designs, District of Columbia,

Twitter: @MsSophiaStyles

Black Friday Sale: 25% off all custom designs

Disclaimer: Please note that your post will be listed the way that it is sent. We reserve the right to edit or not accept any listing. Listings for adult content will not be accepted, Listings that promote violence will not be accecpted.

Good Luck!



Hue & Me Monday: Designed by HUE

For this edition of Hue and Me Monday I would like to welcome you to a new platform the I’ve created to help emerging fashion designers of color, boutique owners, hair, and make-up artist and those who believe in creating or providing services that celebrate the beauty and style of black women (hue)

So if you fall into this category or know someone who does please direct them to the Facebook Fan Page titled “Designed by HUE


With Love from me to hue,


Dear Black Beauty, I have a message for you…

You might as well be sleeping under a rock if you haven’t heard of Lupita Nyong’o. The recent  Oscar winner has clearly made a name for herself not just because of her talent but also because of her undeniable grace, style, and beauty. I have been a fan of Ms. Nyong’o since I first came across here work, but as a  educated woman of color with a background in fashion and media I must say I tip my hat to this woman for addressing an issue that is still very real….the image of “beauty” The below video is from her speech at the Essence  Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon . I invite you to watch it and be moved…I was….and will continue to be.

With Love from Me to Hue!



Screenshot: ShopStyle Taken by Sophia Styles 11/2013

I am super excited that as a POPSUGAR Select Fashion Blogger I have been given the opportunity to take part in the new ShopStyle We Search We Find We ShopStyle campaign. Now that we are officially into the holiday shopping season and have survived “Black Friday” now we get to reap the benefits of technology and voyage ahead to Cyber Monday. Just like brick & mortar shopping any true fashionista  wants the most bang for her buck….enter ShopStyle. Gone are the days of opening up multiple windows on your computer. The ShopStyle slogan pretty much sums it up…”We Search. We Find. We ShopStyle.”

Watch the ShopStyle ad

Watch the ShopStyle ad


As part of the campaign I was given the opportunity to showcase my personal style by doing a lay down photo shoot. Let me tell you that I had way to much fun with this. It was like a dream come true for the girl who holds degrees in fashion & media. My theme was  HoliDay to Night.  Even the most stylish fashionista has to done some serious planning during the holiday season to look her best. Balancing work and play during the most wonderful time of year can be challenging. The ShopStyle concept can make life easy when you have to find something fashionable. All my pieces in the two photos below are vintage items that I have collected over the years with the exception of my new accessory or as I like to call it my fearless arm candy for BCBGeneration.

This post was sponsored by ShopStyle.

Photo: Sophia Styles 11/2013

Photo: Sophia Styles 11/2013

 Photo: Sophia Styles 11/2013

Photo: Sophia Styles 11/2013