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Welcome to the first full week of  February! I am excited for all the wonderful things coming this month. While I know this month my feel like the lonely hearts club for some I want to spread the love all month love. Now don’t get me wrong I think that we should spread love everyday, but February seems to get a lot of attention.  So among some great giveaways this month you can also expect stylish career tips from international guest blogger Claire Hastings, and some inspiration from me on Facebook and Twitter.

Stay tuned.

Give the gift of beauty

Chronic Beauty 2016

This is the season of giving. Earlier today I made a post about celebrating Giving Tuesday more than one day. This is the season of giving. and if we are truly going to celebrate the spirit of giving then it should include giving that will impact the lives of others in a positive way all year long so I am happy to welcome you to the 2016 Holiday Giving Series.

Our first feature is the Chronic Beauty Campaign , a program created by Lyme Warrior to raise awareness for those that suffer daily with chronic illness. The Center for Disease, Control, and Prevention website reports that “As of 2012, about half of all adults—117 million people—had one or more chronic health conditions.” Which means you or someone that you know suffers from some type of chronic illness. I have battled with Chronic Migraines since my earlier twenties so I know first hand how struggling with a health issue that the world can’t see impacts your life.

The Chronic Beauty Campaign offers you the chance get into the spirit of giving this season via The Chronic Beauty cosmetic bag or calendar which is available for  purchase via their website.

The  Chronic Beauty calendars features a different women battling chronic illness each month. Conditions featured in the calendar include: Cerebral Palsy, Severe Asthma, Lupus, Essential Tremor, Stroke, Diabetes, Chronic Migraines, Degenerative Disk Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Kidney Disease/Diabetes, Lyme Disease, and more.

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Also, be sure to connect with Lyme Warrior on their social media pages below.









This is the time of year that most people are running around trying to get the best deals to give the best gifts, but how about giving a gift that will last all year (and maybe beyond). We think about The day after Christmas Shopping, We sit in front of the computer for Cyber Monday and a few years back we were introduced to Giving Tuesday. I was traveling on Tuesday, (be sure to check out my upcoming Monday post) and in my travels I was reminded of giving at every stop.  During this holiday season I will be sharing various groups and organizations that will benefit from your giving. Stay tuned my feature will be this evening.

True Beauty Tuesday: Luxe by Mr. Bubble

Luxe by Mr. Bubble

Luxe by Mr. Bubble

It’s that time of year.  The holiday shopping season. Our first True Beauty Tuesday holiday gift idea is from a company that we all know and love.

Every now and again you come across a product that not only amazes you, but everyone you share it with and in some cases even the people that you don’t share it with notice a change in your skin… When people talk about a positive change in your skin and only have great things to say about your new found “glow” You know that you have found a truly outstanding product. Sound to good to be true? Well, I’m being 100 with you. Over the last few months my team and I have been falling passionately in love with Luxe by Mr. Bubble. Yup, you read it correct Mr. Bubble…that childhood favorite that made bath time simply amazing. You can now enjoy the same feeling of bliss that you did from your younger days. If in all the holiday hustle and bustle you want to have a  truly nostalgic  moment I highly suggest Luxe by Mr. Bubble.  You are probably wondering why? Right? You are probably thinking that in the sea of beauty products  that women have to choose from this fall and holiday what makes this one so special.  The “Hue” team has been testing products since early fall and it’s now a week from Thanksgiving and the products that we tested have held true during the change of seasons.

The team and I test several products on women of different ages and backgrounds and everyone pretty much had the same reaction. “Where can I get these products?” If you are looking for some great products for the holidays for the woman in your life or as a gift for yourself stay tuned. Tomorrow we will dive into the products and how you can purchase them.


Disclosure: Luxe by Mr. Bubble sent me products to try, all thoughts and opinions are always my own.




Sunday Style: POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2016



Have you ever received something in the mail and become so into it that you forgot about all that you needed to do? Well, that has been me the last week or so with the October 2016 Must Have box sent to me from POPSUGAR. Every time I think that POPSUGAR can’t outdo themselves they once again knock it out the park. Their subscription service is like none other and the October 2016 box does not disappoint. It screams “Hello Fall!”

Lisa Sugar- Power Your Happy – As a founding POPSUGAR Select Fashion member I was super happy that this book was apart of the goodies this month. This book is a very inspiration read. How do I know? I’ve already read it….I was blessed to attend the Power Your Happy event in New York City last month and this wonderful book was a great gift from Lisa Sugar….so I will be gifting the book to someone special in my life since they encouraged me to attend the event. Isn’t Karma amazing?!?

Henri Bendel Umbrella ($58)- OK, I must admit was all giggly after seeing a wonderful Henri Bendel in this box.

My Cup of  Coca  Dark Drinking Chocolate ($4.99)- Love it. Why? Uumm because it is gluten-free and yummy!screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-9-43-50-pm

Morning Culture Rise & Shine mug ($16)- Perfect for drinking my new favorite gluten-free drink in.

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen ($8.99)- It’s Revlon….need I say more?

Make up Eraser ($12.00)- Because at the end of the day sometimes you just want to wash it all away.

Lalicious Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Wash ($28.00)- This product smells like heaven in a bottle. Period.

As October comes to a close and you start thinking of those holiday ideas. I would suggest the gift that keeps on giving (each month) A POPSUGAR Must Have box. You can order yours here.

I have excited to share a special coupon code to all my wonderful followers. Include the code SHOP5 (which never expires) to allow your readers $5 off their FIRST Must Have Box!

You can shop some of the items featured above on my ShopStyle page by clicking here.

Disclosure: POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try, all thoughts and opinions are always my own.

Something New Is Coming For HUE

It has been a while. A long while and I have missed all of HUE!. I am currently working on rebranding and relaunching A Stylish Hue. What started a few years ago as way for me to share my interest and love for stylish black culture grew very quickly into something that I could have never imagined. I loved every minute of it. I am grateful what this little blog as done for me. Like so many things in live to move forward and grow one has to change. So in the next few weeks I will be working a new look for the site and new ideas. A Stylish Hue will officially relaunch in August. I hope to you will join meScreen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.16.58 PM.png

True Beauty Tuesday: Beautiful Textures

Back in April I had the opportunity to partner with Beautiful Textures and Sally Beauty for The “Flaunt Your Look” event in Richmond, VA. If you followed me on Twitter & Instagram during the event you could see that I had a wonderful time. After the the event Beautiful Textures was wonderful enough to give me some products that I had not tried. Like always, I share product give aways with my “team” who have no idea how or where I got the products so that I can get a real response from them.  I must say that I personally love the smell of all the products and I love how they do not leave a sticky feel on my hands. That feeling was echoed my senior tester. She hates strong smelling products with a passion and will not use any products with a strong scent. The other She feel in love with the mousse for everyday looks when she wanted her natural curly out and about. She also love the Shine and Silken growth oil for every day use.


Curl Definer Mousse

Curl Definer Mousse

Shine & Silken Beautiful Textures website taken: 6/2015

Shine & Silken Beautiful Textures website taken: 6/2015

Moisture Butter: Screen Shot Beautiful Textures website taken: 6/2015

Moisture Butter: Screen Shot Beautiful Textures website taken: 6/2015











Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Beautiful Textures through their partnership. While I was compensated to write a post about Beautiful Textures, all opinions are my own.” 

#MediaMondays -Jonah By Filmmaker Kibwe Tavares



Last week I announced that I was going to start a new feature called Media Mondays with the goal of sharing positive images of Black people in the media and then it happened…. a blessing beyond my wildest dreams. I was selected to be a Digital Maverick volunteer with the African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement  founded by award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay.

There are no words to even explain how I feel.

….and then it gets even better (if you can imagine that)! Tonight at 8 PM I will be joining the other Digital Mavs and Twitter peeps in a live Twitter event to live tweet about the short film Jonah by filmmaker Kibwe Tavares. Cool Right?


Hit me up on Twitter or on Facebook if you would like to learn more.

Thriving Thursday-Alabama A&M University


Alabama A&M University- Normal, AL

Small, Historic, Student-Friendly, Community-Focused

Reflecting its heritage as a traditional 1890 land-grant institution, functions as a teaching, research, and public service institution, including extension. AAMU is a dynamic and progressive institution with a strong commitment to academic excellence. The serene, intimate campus is situated on “The Hill,” only a short distance from downtown Huntsville, the site of the school’s founding. (from their website)

One of the things that jumped out at me was the link to Noteworthy Achievements. As I stated earlier having worked in higher education the one question that almost always comes up is “What’s so great about your school?” I have to say I truly love this  feature AAMU! Another great feature is the degree offerings. WOW!  Check out the degree offering below.

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Online Programs (Undergraduate only)

I personally feel the way to get the feel for a campus is to schedule a personal visit or attend an open house, but if for some reason you can’t visit the campus AAMU has  something that comes pretty close. On their website you view the campus via their 2014 Virtual Tour, again having worked on both small and large campuses I have to tip my had to the admission team of AAMU. This virtual tour makes you feel like you are on campus.

AAMU has 115  registered student organization and a diverse offering of NCAA athletics. So when you hear that an HBCU can’t offer you a true college life don’t believe them because AAMU has a lot to offer.

Would you like to learn more about Alabama A & M University? Click here to connect their admission office.

Connect with them on social media.

Connect with this HBCU on social media

Connect with this HBCU on social media