Summer 2017

The official start of Summer 2017 is just around the corner. Summer is one of my favorite seasons and I love Summer Style. So much so I have planned some great giveaways for those lazy Summer days and endless Summer nights. Stay tuned.


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Web Window Shopping: The Empire Inspired Collection at Torrid

Let me just tell you that I am madly in love with the The Empire Inspired Collection at Torrid



screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-3-32-07-pmWhen I stumbled upon the collection I was so happy to see that a company celebrating curvy women with all the glam and style they deserve. Empire has to be one of the most talked about shows on television since its Fall 2016 return and for good cause.  Even if you don’t watch the show (which will probably baffle many) the inner fashionista in you will find it hard to deny picking up a piece or two….let’s be real…it will be hard not to shop the  entire collection. This  inspired collection truly embraces the leading ladies of the show and their power. Kudos Torrid job well done!

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True Beauty Tuesday:Khoudia Diop


When I originally started True Beauty Tuesday a few years back I wanted to to be more that just beauty products (there is nothing wrong with that), but like I have always said my goal is to celebrate, educate, and empower HUE to HUE.

There are times in your life when you come across a beauty so amazing to the eye that you just wan to cry. It happened for me when I say Khoudia Diop. Never in my life have I seen a woman hold such beauty. NEVER. Her melanin skin makes me value my skin tone even more than ever and while I am sure she has experienced her fair share of rude people I want to take this moment to send nothing but love to her.Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 4.33.45 PM.png


You can follow this melanin goddess on by clicking here> Instagram


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A Stylish Hue is growing.

A Stylish Hue is growing.

Here’s Looking at HUE!


This little blog is expanding to explore a brand new world!

So when thinking about this brand/blog relaunch I did a lot of soul searching. It is easy to blog and at one time or another most people have done some form of blogging. After I started the process of rebranding and relaunching…

Continue reading about what’s next for A Stylish HUE at Loving Hue & Your Style.

A Stylish Hue is growing.

A Stylish Hue is growing.

Style Spotlight Saturday- RVA Fashion Week

It’s that time of a year again Ladies & Gents. RVA Fashion Week. I have to admit that I have a real soft spot in my heart for RVA Fashion week. If you are first time visitor to this blog or if you have never been to my social media pages (shame on you).  You maybe wondering why in the world would I care so much about a fashion week in Richmond, VA. Well, it all started way back in the 90’s when I was a fashion student at VCU. Back then the major fashion show was the one put on by the department of fashion. It makes me happy to see the Richmond style force growing. If you have never been to the city I invite you to take a trip to the “Cap City” you will find all kind of style around just about every corner.  The week long celebration of style kicked off last week and is still going strong. Stylish events are happening all over the city. You are going to get more than the traditional runway show so if you are looking for something to do this weekend unleash your inner style Goddess (or God) and attend a RVA Fashion week event.

RVAFW poster color

Hue & Me Monday: Designed by HUE

For this edition of Hue and Me Monday I would like to welcome you to a new platform the I’ve created to help emerging fashion designers of color, boutique owners, hair, and make-up artist and those who believe in creating or providing services that celebrate the beauty and style of black women (hue)

So if you fall into this category or know someone who does please direct them to the Facebook Fan Page titled “Designed by HUE


With Love from me to hue,


Dear Black Beauty, I have a message for you…

You might as well be sleeping under a rock if you haven’t heard of Lupita Nyong’o. The recent  Oscar winner has clearly made a name for herself not just because of her talent but also because of her undeniable grace, style, and beauty. I have been a fan of Ms. Nyong’o since I first came across here work, but as a  educated woman of color with a background in fashion and media I must say I tip my hat to this woman for addressing an issue that is still very real….the image of “beauty” The below video is from her speech at the Essence  Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon . I invite you to watch it and be moved…I was….and will continue to be.

With Love from Me to Hue!


The Holiday Gift Guide from POPSUGAR



Shop in style this holiday season from the comfort of your own home. Avoid the traffic and beat the long lines by tuning into the POPSUGAR Live Holiday Gift Guide on  this Wednesday, Nov. 20, at 3 p.m. EST/12 p.m. PST. Get a front row seat to gifting with glamour this season courtesy or the POPSUGAR editors…..which is way cooler than getting up at 3 AM.

All tied up

As a  consultant and  media professional in the fashion and lifestyle industry I get the great blessing of reviewing products from time to time. That is what happened this Summer. I had the unique pleasure of being gifted a dress from designer Von Vonni. Vonni, has dressed some notable names such as model and Real Housewife of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey and athletic great, Serena Williams. So as you can imagine this little girl from Virginia was extremely honored that I had been honored with such a gift.

ScreenShot-Sophia Styles from Von Vonnie Facebook

ScreenShot-Sophia Styles from Von Vonni Facebook

ScreenShot-Sophia Styles from Von Vonnie Facebook

ScreenShot-Sophia Styles from Von Vonni Facebook

Known for his “Transformer” dress which is a concept that he developed while studying at F.I.T. Vonni’s dress design offers up several looks  in one dress. …so many that I had an extremely hard time deciding what look that I wanted to wear for the event I was attending. A creative spirit like myself had a great time time tying the dress up down and all around for the event I was going to.

A gifted Transformer dress from designer Von Vonnie

I couldn’t resist snapping this shadow picture of the Von Vonni dress. You know it’s a great dress when even the shadow looks amazing.
A gifted Transformer dress from designer Von Vonnie.

A gifted Transformer dress from designer Von Vonnie

A gifted Transformer dress from designer Von Vonni

I had the great opportunity to attend the 2nd Annual Pink Queen’s for Life pageant which is a fundraiser pageant for Breast Cancer Awareness.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the dress because it seemed like Divine intervention that the team from Vonni sent me a beautiful dress in a “Dusty Rose” color. As you can imagine I was pleased to have a pink dress to wear in support of the event.

I received a free dress from  Von vonni for use in connection with this blog.

True Beauty Tuesday


Photo/text: Created by Sophia Styles 7/16/13

Photo/text: Created by Sophia Styles 7/16/13

The mission of this blog is to showcase Healthy Unique Empowering  (HUE) diverse images of women of color so to do that I have thought long and hard on ways to highlight these images.

In the spirit of Fashionably Fit Friday (#FashionablyFitFriday) I want celebrate your uniqueness while educating you on options, resources, and tools that truly embrace who HUE are. My goal is to explore a range of topics from products to events and everything in between. Simply put….it’s True Beauty Tuesday or #TrueBeautyTuesday