Working Wednesday (Part 3) : Guest Blogger Claire Hastings

Be Yourself: Balancing Originality and Conformity


Although conformity is an asset in women’s business fashion, a personal touch won’t go amiss if chosen with due care and awareness of the workplace dress code.


A rule-of-thumb for a ladylike expression of fashion tastes and individual quirks is to wear at least a touch of makeup for an extra dose of confidence, and to throw in a piece of statement jewelry such as an elegant pearl necklace with a formal business getup.


For business casual clothing combinations, ladies can add a second and third accent detail, such as a prominent ring or bracelet, or a slightly more daring handbag, blouse, or shirt. Also, be sure to choose tastefully designed clothes in proper size, and round off the look with a couple of accessories that make you feel confident, stylish, and, above all, comfortable in your own skin.

Guest blogger Claire



Though there’s more to superior corporate results than meets the eye, a businesswoman should still look her best at the workplace day in, day out. Apart from the fact that your next promotion or paycheck may depend on your dress and deportment, a lady’s business attire is her strongest weapon in the battle for respect and approval in the eyes of her coworkers and superiors – and it can also be her secret self-confidence trump card on less than stellar office days.

It has been a pleasure having Claire as a guest blogger. She has been a true professional gem and I wish her nothing but the best. Be sure to follow her work at the links below.

Claire is a regular contributor for Ripped online magazine. You can also follow Claire on Twitter.


Working Wednesday (Part 2) : Guest Blogger Claire Hastings

Walking the Stylish Mile

Madonna and Rihanna both know full well what it feels like to be a girl in showbiz – but then again, both of them have always been more likely to go teasing social mores than pleasing her super’s eye.

guest blogger Claire


When it comes to professional fashion conventions, girls don’t have it easy: business formal or business casual, work attire has to conform to the corporate dress code and it shouldn’t make too loud a stylistic statement or attract too much attention in the workplace. The same goes for hairdos, hair color, heel height, and jewelry: while personal expression is an asset, excess bling is never a good idea. Breaching dress and deportment code can cost a lady not just a go at a promotion or raise, but it can also cause her to fall from her employer’s grace – but it still doesn’t mean a lady shouldn’t have her hair reverted to natural color and/or style or get adult braces fitted for health or aesthetic reasons.

After all, is all that hustle truly worth it if you have to put your health on the line or lose your personality altogether just to stay at the bottom of the shark tank?


Guest Blogger- Claire



Lookism: The Double-Edged Sword of Scrutiny

The good news is, more and more ladies are giving pumps a hey-ho over professional-looking stilettos. The bad news? It looks like good looks aren’t necessarily a businesswoman’s edge. The 21st-century business arena may have began to regard female corporate gladiators with a more approving eye, but the water cooler grapevine won’t go easier on an office beauty than on her colleague on whom Mother Nature decided to bestow a somewhat less winning countenance.

Guest Blogger-Claire


Lookism is one of the most recent additions to the wagon of workplace discrimination grounds, and it isn’t frivolous as it might sound: in fact, above-average beauty can even get you fired if you don’t find ways to restrain your gorgeous hair and switch your cheeks from the rosy sheen to the weary hag mode.

Fortunately, the word about appearance-biased employment policies is leaking out, and public remonstration’s getting louder as the number of lawsuits for body fascism at the workplace continues to multiply.

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Claire is a regular contributor for Ripped online magazine. You can also follow Claire on Twitter.

Working Wednesday : Guest Blogger Claire Hastings

Image is everything

Clothes may not make the man, but a lady’s attire is a key element that makes first impressions in the business arena. Various studies have shown that multiple aspects of physical appearance (from build, height, and weight to shape, grooming, facial features, general attractiveness and choice of clothes) can make – as well as break – a businessperson’s chance at success.

Images: Pintrest

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But while the correlation between looks and career success is pretty straightforward for men, the climb up the corporate ladder can get a bit trickier if you’re a lady who’s not afraid to rock her natural beauty while pursuing professional achievement.

Dress to Impress

Beauty might not be skin-deep, but a survey carried out by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) showed that a candidate’s appearance at the job interview can lose them an opportunity   to impress their future employer by real-life performance in a blink.  Just less than six months ago the 11th circuit court of appeals dismissed a lawsuit against a company that refused to hire her because of her locs. 

According to the study, a candidate’s grooming and attire are prime eyebrow raisers for job interviewers, but body art such as tattoos and piercings aren’t far behind either. Though not as vital as grooming, choice of clothes, body alterations, hair color and hairstyle ranked high on the list of physical attributes that affected employers’ impressions.

Image: covunicareers/Vogue Pinteres

Image: covunicareers/Vogue Pinterest

The study findings are clear: your employer-to-be may not judge a book by its cover, but they will certainly judge your interview look and use it as a criterion in job candidate evaluation. So what is your take? We want to hear from you. Have you felt the need to change your look to earn your “dream job”

As you make your way in the work wold it maybe hard to dress the part while staying true to yourself so below you will find some job interview outfit inspirations:

images: blackfashion/ebags Pintrest

blackfashion/ebags Pintrest



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Claire is a regular contributor for Ripped online magazine. You can also follow Claire on Twitter.