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Since starting this blog every March I have added my own slice of style to March Madness and this year is no different…well maybe. You see each year I have put my own spin on stylish fashion for women who love college b-ball like myself.  A few years back the university that I earned my undergraduate degree from did what most said couldn’t be done. Virginia Commonwealth University went from the first four to the final four and along the way it felt like the entire world was doubting the RAMNATION (except for those of us that love VCU).  Well as the 2015 Madness begins I want to do something a little different with the reboot of my blog. I am still show a lot of love for my Rams, but I also want to show love to another Virginia school that I personally feel just isn’t getting enough love for their recent accomplishment of making it pass the first four.

I want to give a personal shout out to Pirates of Hampton University. If you’ve been on Twitter or turned on ESPN you will notice that HU doesn’t seem to be getting any love. What these young men have achieved so far is amazing and shouldn’t be “hated on” in my humble opinion. 

So far all you Hampton students, Alums, Parents, supporters, and for all of those who just love a good story of the “underdog” taking out the “big dog” here are some favorite items Hampton University.

Screenshot from Hampton University Website.

Screenshot from Hampton University Website.

Screenshot from Hampton University Website.

Screenshot from Hampton University Website.


No matter the results of the game Hampton University you have my respect.

With love from me to HUE,


Sporting Your Style

Any true  stylista believes  in sportin’ style that is true to her roots and dare I say probably one of the the best times of her life…Yup, I’m talking about the glory days of college. Every March the madness  known as “March Madness” begins. The basketball tournament that offers Cinderella moments for colleges and universities across the U.S. can offer fashion finds for the chic college co-ed and alums alike.

A quick visit to the local campus bookstore (Check out my school)

Blue 84 Womens Burnout Tee

Screenshot: Barnes & Noble VCU BookStore. 3/21/14- Sophia Styles

or online via NCAA online shop can make your March ever so mode and the beauty of “busting the brackets” is that you can be frugalista or fashionista and still show love to your school with mad style.

Alright fashionable one, go sport your style and join the madness.


Legacy Adjustable Washed Twill Hat

Alums & college students alike can show their school spirit
Screenshot: Barnes & Noble VCU BookStore. 3/21/14- Sophia Styles

Zoom Image

Screenshot: NCAA Championship Store. 3/21/14- Sophia Styles

Mad Style that raises Havoc

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few days you have probably been bombarded with the latest basketball updates for the biggest event in college basketball….that’s right March Madness. Once just considered for the boys only the Madness has spread to the ladies in true style.Female alums across the U.S. openly show their support for men and women’s college ball in fashionable finds that are fierce and celebrate their school pride in style.

I am happy to admit that I am one of those women. I’ve always been a sport fan, but I love that I can represent my school with mad style and like any good fashionista push the limits of style with a little havoc. Confused? Let me explain. I earned my degree in fashion from the VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) and under the direction of Coach Smart the basketball team creates #Havoc every time they hit court. There is something that about havoc and getting rowdy (which the Rams are also known for) that really resonates with my fashionistasidebecause it allows you against the grain in an unconventional way to define yourself on your terms.

So I encourage you to show your school style. My style will raise a little Havoc.

Image: Screenshot S. Minor shop.vcuathletics.com

Image: Screenshot S. Minor shop.vcuathletics.com