True Beauty Tuesday: Law of Nature Cosmetics

Law of Nature Cosmetics

I am sure excited that I found another cosmetic brand that offers gluten-free products with women of color in mind! Let me introduce you to  Law of Nature Cosmetics. I always visit the “about” section on every website that I visit to get their backstory. Just a few sentences in I must admit that I was pleasantly amazed at their mission. I know that some beauty lovers only want to look great, but I personally believe that one should be able to look great without causing harm to themselves due to toxic ingredients in their beauty products.

After reading the story of Jasmine Rose, the founder I quickly added Law of Cosmetics to my must buy list. Sadly, like to many women I too have had a loved one with Breast Cancer and I applaud Ms. Rose for reaching safe natural ways for women to showcase their beauty without having to subject themselves to harsh chemicals.

The cosmetic line offers several products that  are not only gluten free, but vegan, talc free, paraben free, bismuth free, and while you may not think “Who cares…..why does that matter?” I invite to research some of your favorite brands (several of which are  targeted to women of color) and health issues related to chemicals used in those products and you will know why it truly matters. Like I said I have already added several of Law of Cosmetics items to my must buy list. Want to see what I picked? Visit me on our sister site Loving Hue & Your Style… Right now.


True Beauty Tuesday: Gold Label Cosmetics

Gold Label


I am always do the happy dance when I find gluten-free items especially beauty brands. I have been on the hunt for gluten-free brands that embrace women of color for what seems like forever! I don’t think that it is my chance that I found Gold Label Cosmetics du ring the season of miracles. I just wished that I would have found them before my trip to New York City a few weeks ago. I would have rocked their lipsticks because well….HELLO! they look wonderful! One thing that I love is that they show the lipsticks on very different skins tones. This is a plus for me because as any woman of color knows what looks good on one skin tone can be a hot mess on another.

As I scrolled down their Twitter page and website I saying “Yes” and “I need this one too”.

Be sure to check my this evening on our sister site Loving Hue & Your Style for my personal style picks.

Gold Label

True Beauty Tuesday: AJ Crimson


AJ Crimson Beauty

AJ Crimson Beauty

WOW! was the reaction that I had when I clicked onto the AJ Crimson website for the first time. WOW! WOW! WOW!.  The colors just popped off the website. I personally love color, and I have to admit it is hard to find colors that “pop” and don’t drop color after a long day. Sometimes beauty products for women of color then to look a bit dull when shopping online which makes it hard to pick a color that will match your skin tone. AJ Crimson truly lit up my computer screen with amazing hues that reminds me that was women of color we can wear color and wear it well!

If you too are in love with the colors seen below you need to visit their website and social media pages (see below)  and check out their holiday sales. *hint* Check out their all Black Friday Weekend Sale

AJ Crimson



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Follow today’s feature on social media.






True Beauty Tuesday: Luxe by Mr. Bubble

Luxe by Mr. Bubble

Luxe by Mr. Bubble

It’s that time of year.  The holiday shopping season. Our first True Beauty Tuesday holiday gift idea is from a company that we all know and love.

Every now and again you come across a product that not only amazes you, but everyone you share it with and in some cases even the people that you don’t share it with notice a change in your skin… When people talk about a positive change in your skin and only have great things to say about your new found “glow” You know that you have found a truly outstanding product. Sound to good to be true? Well, I’m being 100 with you. Over the last few months my team and I have been falling passionately in love with Luxe by Mr. Bubble. Yup, you read it correct Mr. Bubble…that childhood favorite that made bath time simply amazing. You can now enjoy the same feeling of bliss that you did from your younger days. If in all the holiday hustle and bustle you want to have a  truly nostalgic  moment I highly suggest Luxe by Mr. Bubble.  You are probably wondering why? Right? You are probably thinking that in the sea of beauty products  that women have to choose from this fall and holiday what makes this one so special.  The “Hue” team has been testing products since early fall and it’s now a week from Thanksgiving and the products that we tested have held true during the change of seasons.

The team and I test several products on women of different ages and backgrounds and everyone pretty much had the same reaction. “Where can I get these products?” If you are looking for some great products for the holidays for the woman in your life or as a gift for yourself stay tuned. Tomorrow we will dive into the products and how you can purchase them.


Disclosure: Luxe by Mr. Bubble sent me products to try, all thoughts and opinions are always my own.




True Beauty Tuesday: “Choose Love” campaign

Love is in the air in more ways than one. Singer Ciara recently announced on social media that she is not only the newest global ambassador for Revlon, but she will also be the face of their “Choose Love” campaign. Personally, I think she will be a great spokesperson especially for the “Choose Love” campaign. The singer has been living a life that reminds me of a fairytale. Earlier this year she wed Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson after courtship that would melt just about anyone.

Singer Ciara was recently named named the face of the "Choose Love” campaign

Singer Ciara was recently named named the face of the “Choose Love” campaign

The “Choose Love” campaign is like nothing I have ever seen before in a good way. It seems that to often beauty and style brands try to “sell” you on what you need to fix about yourself to attract the perfect mate and how their products can save the day, and while I know the goal of every brand is to create revenue this campaign reminds you to look take time to love yourself first. On their website they offer several ways to do so, and yes it does involve make-up, but not in the way that you think.  After watching the video  and reading the Revlon Love Test Instructions.

I realized something that most women do or should I say don’t do…. and that is take care or love themselves EVERY day first. Women often place everyone above themselves until they sadly realize that they have taken themselves off the list of things to take care. Having  grown up in the south I have always heard that you can’t love anyone else until you can love yourself so I invite you to join me for one week and take the Revlon love test. Will you “Choose Love”?

As seen on:

The Style & Beauty site for A Stylish Hue

The Style & Beauty site for A Stylish Hue

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True Beauty Tuesday: Celebrate Your Skin Tone

If you haven’t heard about The Iman Cosmetics’s Celebrate Your Skin Tone campaign you are truly missing out.  True Beauty Tuesday is about embracing your true beauty and I can’t think of a better way to that than celebrating your skin tone.

Screenshoot: 10/2016

Screenshoot: 10/2016

To learn more about this amazing project and how you can join the conversation visit our sister website Loving Hue & Your Style.

A Stylish Hue is growing.



Pucker up!

Pucker up!

It’s that time of year to pucker up under the mistletoe…but are you ready? I mean really ready? You may be wondering how does get ready for such an event? Well, with lip color options of course! Let go of just one color this holiday…get more festive than two. A girl needs options and style benefits. And that is exactly what you will have when you swing on over the Black Opal website before December 10th because when you choose any three lip products you will receive a free holiday bag.

Screenshot: From Black Opal Website. 12/14

Screenshot: From Black Opal Website. 12/14

Now you have no excuses. …you can offer colorful kisses because you’ll have style options in the bag.


e759720652d66762f74e2aeca8a0dc0c32bbc438_320As seen on the Lucky Bloggging Community



True Beauty Tuesday: Summer Sweepstakes from Iman Cosmetics


Screenshot from Taken my Sophia Styles



Hello there Beautiful Goddess…. Yes I am talking to HUE!

 Are you ready to unleash your inner Goddess but need tools to help you shine? Then beautiful you are in luck…. Iman Cosmetics is currently holding the Summer 2014 Bronze Godess Sweepstakes in which 20 Lucky winners will receive the Bronze Goddess Summer Collection which includes the sheer finish bronzing powder in Afterglow, luxury moisturizing lipstick in Saffron, and the luxury lip pencil in Spice.

For your chance to release your inner Goddess click here!

Good Luck!

From love from me to Hue,


**Disclaimer** Please read/follow the rules established by Iman Cosmetics.

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Honor Thy Hair

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 12.25.29 PM

Photo: Screenshot Oprah- Facebook-By Sophia Styles 8/6/13

So if you haven’t heard the buzz about The O Magazine’s September 2013 issue then you must be sleeping under a rock! Scheduled to hit newsstands on Tuesday, September 13, 2013 it represents to me what True Beauty Tuesday is all about. Lady O is rocking a wonderfully styled Afro wig and is a beaming example of how beautiful diversity can be.

If you are like me and can’t wait for the issue here is a behind the scenes look at photo shoot or you can hear about the queen of all media talk about it here. 



True Colors

True beauty Tuesday is all about celebrating you, your beauty, and the things that truly embrace every unique part of hue. What better way to do it than unleashing your true colors.

I was beyond excited when I read the IFB Project #105: What’s Your Signature Color and couldn’t pass it up.

To me nothing says “Hello World” like rocking you favorite color….or as I like to phrase it “My Trademark Color” If you haven’t picked up on it by the color selection of my blog my ….I’ll have to confess…it’s orange! In every shade for every season… simply orange.

My favorite orange look is a  soft beautifully sheer sequined top that I purchased from a boutique called B. Moss that is sadly no longer in business.toya_orange_headshopt

From my glasses to my car….you guessed it….Orange. While some girls feel “Pretty in Pink” I often think of my grandmother who embraced my love for the color orange… she would tell me every time she saw a beautiful garment in orange and she would say “…orange you beautiful”