Working Wednesday (Part 3) : Guest Blogger Claire Hastings

Be Yourself: Balancing Originality and Conformity


Although conformity is an asset in women’s business fashion, a personal touch won’t go amiss if chosen with due care and awareness of the workplace dress code.


A rule-of-thumb for a ladylike expression of fashion tastes and individual quirks is to wear at least a touch of makeup for an extra dose of confidence, and to throw in a piece of statement jewelry such as an elegant pearl necklace with a formal business getup.


For business casual clothing combinations, ladies can add a second and third accent detail, such as a prominent ring or bracelet, or a slightly more daring handbag, blouse, or shirt. Also, be sure to choose tastefully designed clothes in proper size, and round off the look with a couple of accessories that make you feel confident, stylish, and, above all, comfortable in your own skin.

Guest blogger Claire



Though there’s more to superior corporate results than meets the eye, a businesswoman should still look her best at the workplace day in, day out. Apart from the fact that your next promotion or paycheck may depend on your dress and deportment, a lady’s business attire is her strongest weapon in the battle for respect and approval in the eyes of her coworkers and superiors – and it can also be her secret self-confidence trump card on less than stellar office days.

It has been a pleasure having Claire as a guest blogger. She has been a true professional gem and I wish her nothing but the best. Be sure to follow her work at the links below.

Claire is a regular contributor for Ripped online magazine. You can also follow Claire on Twitter.